Hillgrove & Gully Green Babydoll Southdown Sheep in Australia

Breeding Babydoll Sheep in Australia


Gully Green Babydoll Southdown Sheep is proud to announce that we have purchased "Hillgrove" Original Southdown Stud from Murray and Judy Peart on 18th December 2018.  This is a wonderful opportunity for us and we are proud to be able to continue the fine tradition of breeding these lovely Southdown sheep true to their traditional type.  The Hillgrove Babydoll Southdowns will be added to the Gully Green Babydoll Southdowns to make one of the largest Babydoll Southdown Studs in Australia.


Welcome to the home of 'Hillgrove/Gully Green Babydoll Southdown' Sheep in Australia

We love our Babydoll Southdowns. Their lovely quiet nature and friendly personality means they are wonderful for those who are looking for a small, easy to manage sheep.  Being rare in Australia means they are very precious to us, and we hope they are to you too.  We may have Babydoll Southdown sheep for sale at different times of the year which will be advertised on this website and we are always available to offer advice and information.  

We are located close to Moama, in NSW, with Echuca over the Murray River in Victoria. 

Our Babydolls are registered with the Australian Stud Breeders Association (ASSBA) and we only use stock with Babydoll genetics in order to preserve this rare little sheep.

We also breed Dorper and White Dorpers and have a broad-acre cropping program on our 1200 acre property.

Please browse our website to find out more about these little sheep, and what we do at 'Gully Green.'  We are always happy to chat about our Babydolls so please contact us or arrange to visit if you have any questions.

A very cheeky Babydoll Southdown ewe lamb